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The Plains Collection is the first debut of this series of painting. To me an open field represents freedom growth and possibilities. Due to the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, I more than ever have felt drawn to these spaces, to stretch and breathe, run and escape, create, dream, dance and find peace. These pieces are truly special to my heart, and I hope this collection grants you some relief and freedom as they have done to me.

         I am a fine artist and interior designer in Laurel, Maryland. I received my BFA in painting from Salisbury University and a AAS in Interior Design from CCBC. Throughout school, I kept running into the same truth: color, composition, and texture are everything in design and art. Throughout my life, this philosophy has stayed true. My main goal is to create a beautiful world for people to inhabit, be it in a rustic, Victorian living room design or a terrazzo landscape painting. I know this world can be a beautiful, safe space for all of us, living in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. It is going to be hard work getting there, but it is up to all of us to do our best and keep our light shining bright.

        When I am not painting or designing, I am walking in nature, daydreaming, watching fantasy films, cuddling with loved ones, reading a good book, or on the phone with a good friend. For more insights into my day to day life, check out my Instagram page for new posts and stories @andi.lecha

The Terrazzo Landscapes

Fine Artist + Interior Designer


The Terrazzo Landscapes were created from the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, inspired by the landscapes around me, which brought me peace in such troubling times. I was staring at a landscape study, crudely painted by pallet knife, that my friend made and gave to me.  The color choice and texture not only moved but inspired me. I always thought of myself as an abstract portrait artist but just felt so drawn to finally take the plunge into landscapes. I truly love the textures as well as movements Van Gogh, Monet and other abstract expressionist landscapes create. The terrazzo aspect was something that made it different.

Terrazzo is something that has made a comeback in recent years but is something I’ve known and loved my whole life. Terrazzo is a relatively cheap option for floors, being a combination of useless broken marble and cement sanded down and polished.  It is the most popular flooring throughout the homes, stores and restaurants in Puerto Rico.  Frequently visiting these throughout my life, I remember the floors of all my family’s homes, looking at the different colors and shapes and always in awe, squinting to see if it would make a mosaic image of some sort. I like the obscurity of terrazzo; mosaics are too rigid. I think of my paintings as a shape in the clouds, a dream that is there but fleeting and changing only to take form with the human eye and imagination, and a space for the viewer to form, explore and own themselves.